Monday, November 10, 2014

What to do with a Jelly Roll?

Jelly Rolls are a great way to make a fast, fun, and easy strip quilt.  Even beginners can whip out a quilt easily.  Quilting with Jelly Rolls are one of my favorite methods of making a quilt.
I love to buy Jelly Rolls online and at quilt shops, they always look so pretty and the quilting possibility's are endless.

My last Jelly Roll Quilt was called Split Decision.  This quilt was so much fun to make, however, it's not a free pattern (insert sad face here).  Currently, I am also looking through this list to decide which quilt to make with my new Jelly Roll... Lilac Hill by Moda

Here’s a list of free jelly roll patterns that I found online... Enjoy!

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